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Historical Background: 1930's

Старое здание института "ЮЖНИИГИПРОГАЗ" Old building of the institute, 1933

In the 30-ties of the ХХ-th century a great number of by-product coke plants were concentrated in Donbass, the major centre of metallurgy and coal industries of the country. Proyektgaz design bureau was founded in Stalino (the former name of Donetsk) at public utilities department of Town Council of People’s Deputies in December 1933. The Bureau, established to utilize the coke oven gas discharged into atmosphere, designed the technical project for gasification of the town of Stalino, which provided for connection of 500 flats. When the project was implemented conditioned coke oven gas was supplied to the first flats (November 7, 1935).

At the end of 1934 Proyektgaz was restructured into Donproyektgaz self-supporting bureau at Regional Executive Committee. It dealt with design and engineering management of construction at gasification of Donbass-based industrial enterprises and towns. The engineering activity of Donproyektgaz began with design of the second gasification line for Stalino and gasification projects for Makeyevka and Gorlovka.

In 1937 Donproyektgaz Regional Bureau was reorganized into Donyuzhgaz State Bureau for design, construction and operation of long-distance pipelines, and in 1939 it was restructured into Contract-Construction Trust Company for construction of in-situ coal gasification stations, long-distance pipelines, gas filling stations and other gas-industry enterprises in Donbass and the USSR south regions.

Before the Great Patriotic War, Donyuzhgaz completed development and launched construction of the gas pipeline "Kadiyevka – Bryanka – Alchevsk – Voroshilovograd", it carried out construction and commissioned the gas pipeline "Azovstal -Mill after Ilyich" (700 mm size) in Mariupol in autumn 1938 and other gas pipelines.

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