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Historical Background: 1970's – 1990's

Карта-схема магистральных газопроводов, построенных по проектам института Map of the main gas pipelines built according to the Institute’s projects
Здание института ЮЖНИИГИПРОГАЗ Building of "YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ", 2009

Within the 70’s and 80’s the Institute was engaged in designing projects for development of the largest in the world practice gas and gas condensate fields and construction of the gas and chemical complexes, among them:

  • such fields as:  Medvezhye, Vyngapurovsky, Yamsoveysky and the Yamburg field (the Western Siberia); the Karachaganak field  (Kazakhstan)
  • the Orenburg and Astrakhan gas  and chemical complexes

In that period the Institute designed the following gas-industry projects in Ukraine:  development of the Yablunovsky gas condensate field and the headworks for gas treatment at Solokha inter-field gas distribution station (GDS) for cluster of fields (Poltava region), development of the Melikhovsky gas condensate field (Kharkov region), etc.

From the early 70’s of the XX-th century the Institute proceeded to designing of main gas pipelines, the most important of them being the following:

  • in the 1970’s: the five-line gas transmission system Northern Parts of Tyumen region-Ural; Orenburg- Western Boarder (Soyuz) and Orenburg – Novopskov (at sections of Orenburg – Aleksandrov Gay); Komsomolsky – Surgut – Chelyabinsk; Urengoy – Surgut – Chelyabinsk
  • in the 1980’s: Urengoy – Petrovsk; Urengoy – Novopskov; Urengoy – Pomary – Uzhgorod; Urengoy – Centre; Yamburg –Yelets; Yamburg – Westerm Boarder (Progress); Yamburg – Tula (1 and 2 lines); Yamburg – Povolzhye

In the 1990’s of the XX century the Institute proceeded with designing of projects for development of the gas and gas condensate fields, the most important of them being the following:

  • justification of Yamal Peninsula field development;
  • development of Aneryakhinsky area on Yamburg gas condensate field;
  • development of Kovykta gas condensate field (Irkutsk region);
  • development of Vostochno-Tarkosalinsky gas field;
  • development of Lokachinsky, Muratovsky, Bairaksky fields (Ukraine).

In the 90’s of the XX century the Institute pursued designing of the main gas pipelines and carried out design work for upgrading of facilities earlier built by its projects, the most important of them being the gas pipeline systems: Yamal – Centre;  the Yamal – Europe transit gas pipeline; the Northern Parts of Tyumen Region – Torzhok gas pipeline.

In 1994 the Institute was restructured into OJSC "YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ".

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